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Summer in Paradise

Mount Rainier towers over the Pacific Northwest, an iconic volcano that embodies the drama and majesty that define this special part of the country.


Beauty Amongst The Ashes

Beauty Amongst the Ashes, Mt Saint Helens­

Every time I visit Mount Saint Helens I am in awe.  We have many mountains here in the pacific northwest, but Helens is stunningly unique and a perfect example of the strength of nature.

41 years ago, when this mountain erupted it was anything but beautiful. It was downright terrifying. I was very young when Mount Saint Helens erupted but I remember the moment well. The destruction of the May 18th, 1980, eruption is still very evident today, yet the slowly recovering ecosystem is breathtaking.


Mount Rainier: A Photographer's Paradise

The wildflowers are so impressive that thousands of photographers from around the world visit the mountain and its high alpine meadows, in hopes of capturing the incredible beauty of the wildflowers contrasting with the white snowy mountain. The meadows around the mountain can be easily viewed; whether you travel the park by car or explore on foot.

Misty Sunrise

Some Mornings are just worth getting up early for.

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