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Cape Disappointment is anything but a disappointment.  Beautiful rugged ocean views, Trails, whale watching, old bunkers, and the North Head and Cape Disappointment light house all with in a few miles of each other. 

Located just outside the town of Ilwaco where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean, Cape Disappointment offers a variety of recreational activities, breathtaking scenery, and year-round camping facilities. ( Cape Disappointment State Park) 

North Head Light House:

Construction began on the lighthouse in 1897 and it was completed and lit on May 16, 1898. The lighthouse was constructed by George Langford, an early contractor and builder from Portland, Oregon You can find more info on this light house at

Cape Disappointment Light House: 

Cape Disappointment Light House was constructed in 1856 to warn seamen of the treacherous river bar known by then as "the graveyard of the Pacific." This is the oldest functioning lighthouse on the West Coast.

In 1862, Cape Disappointment was armed with smoothbore cannons to protect the mouth of the Columbia River from enemies during the Civil War. The installation was expanded to become Fort Canby in 1875. The fort was named after General Edward Canby, who was killed in the Modoc Indian War. The fort continued to be improved until the end of World War II. Gun batteries are still in place at the park.

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